Crime Noir, a podcast that highlights cases on missing black men, women, and children was created by the host, Candice, to bring attention to crimes committed against the black community. Candice's interest in all things crime-related led her to recognize the lack of media coverage given to cases involving black victims. Thus in 2019, Candice launched her very own platform to bring coverage to those particular cases. Since its inception, Crime Noir has received praise and was recently featured on, a popular news hub for forward thinking Black millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo. Candice's passion for crime and dedication to telling these stories can be heard and felt through each case that she covers. Grab your coffee and your headphones, and join the host, Candice, for an episode of Crime Noir.



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Join Crime Noir's host, Candice for a weekly in-depth discussion for all things true-crime.



For years, the media has failed us by inadequately and inaccurately covering criminal cases revolving around Black people all across the diaspora. Crime Noir, created by host, Candice, is here to reclaim our narrative with a deliberate, thorough, and yet careful perspective. Listeners will be enthralled by a variety of cases ranging from the unsolved disappearances of Black peoples to those solved and underreported. Crime Noir is an authentic attempt to replace misinformation and speculation with a dedication to truth as well as rectify exclusion with the re-examination of cases all but forgotten and swept aside.


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